Croc's current branding is spread thin, attempting to reach a wide market. This includes everyone from children to gardeners to boaters to medical workers and many more. To try and stay up to date with changing trends and dying sales, Crocs has introduced new styles of shoes, straying away from the original clog style that made the brand famous.
We want to keep celebrating our diverse customer base by embracing our roots and the unique personality of our shoes. Now we describe Crocs as: weird, self-aware, humorous, confident, and fun. 
The update logo is simple and clean and has strong recognizability. The circle is important as it ties back to the design of the shoes themselves. The type used for the wordmark and logo are strong and substantial, just like the shoes. It is also nice and round, which again ties back to the look of the shoes. It has high versatility, suitable for both product and advertising, and works at both a large and small scale.
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