In January of 2020 I traveled to Haryana, India alongside 20 other journalism and design students from Bethel University to create Textura, a magazine and documentary telling the stories of extraordinary people in developing nations. This was the second trip of its kind from Bethel, the first volume having traveled to Guatemala.
While there, we worked alongside resident graduate students to capture stories of the region. 
Throughout the trip every student was a journalist, photographer, designer, and videographer. 
The final magazine is 136 pages of compelling portraits in word and photos of aspiring Olympic athletes, medical workers, survivors of abuse, and village leaders; powerful men and women who fight each and everyday to improve their lives and communities.
In her own hands
Murti, a women living in Titram, suffered through domestic violence in the home of her in-laws until she was finally able to claim her independence. Through countless challenges she was able to obtain the rights to her own land, allowing her to raise buffalo and sell their milk and manure to make a living. 
Untouchable dreams
Manisha is a village girl from the lowest caste in India who survived a childhood of discrimination and domestic abuse to pursue education and bring hope to those who raised her. While her parents work what other members of their village would consider undesirable jobs, Manisha hopes to break free of the caste system and become the first female District Collector of Kaithal. 
Culture and sports festivals
On our first day in Haryana, the people of Titram, India held a celebratory cultural festival that featured dance and music. Near the end of the trip the women of the village came together to show  their strength and celebrate Lohri by participating in a series of sporting events.
See the complete Textura India project below:
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